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Always the overachiever, I went to church and just to be sure I was covered, I also took yoga classes, read New Age and self-improvement books, meditated and took life-coaching classes! Yet, the undeniable feeling that something was intrinsically flawed about me persisted. Generally a stoic person by nature, I spent the last 14 or so years in church, in tears, praying that God would heal my brokenness. After joining Faith Assembly, and speaking to one of my mentors, I was told I should contact Rose for an Inner Healing session. My mentor said she sensed I had a “root” that needed to be healed. I think I laughed when I heard the suggestion because by this time, I had truly tried just about everything. As I sat in the waiting room for my first meeting with Rose, I brazenly told God – “Well, this is my last hope!”


My first visit she identified me as having the “Abandoned Child Syndrome”, which explained my need for approval, perfectionism and why I never felt like I was enough. She also dealt with the unresolved anger I had toward my mother for never revealing my father’s identify. I also released the spirit of bitterness, resentment and broke a few generational curses (YES, A FEW!).

My last session revealed that I was allowing my two year old self to make decisions in my present life – holding on to the belief that I needed to be defensive, that I am unlovable, unsafe etc. As I surrendered to Rose’s guidance, I felt a complete release and could see my two year old self, turning around and walking away. What makes this so interesting is that I had just paid for a very expensive hour and a half massage and still had this nagging pain in my neck and in between my shoulders. As the session concluded that pain was GONE and has not returned – I released whatever childhood trauma I was clinging onto.


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