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               Rose Keefe
    Transformational Brain and Life Coach

                 Help 4 The Hurting 
       Where Broken Lives Are Made Whole!


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After being saved from a lifestyle of sin and addiction to drugs and alcohol. There were still many deep rooted struggles taking place within my heart. Although I have been walking with the Lord for over a year. He began to revealing different areas of struggles, I needed healing from.  Before Inner Healing I was still struggling with unforgiveness towards myself from my past and others who hurt me growing up. Unbeknownst to me, there were generational curses and open doors from my past that needed closed. During my several inner healing sessions, I was able to walk through healing from my past and was empowered to walk in my identity as a Son of God! The Lord did a deep work in my heart and I am truly grateful for the freedom that I now walk in. My relationship with God has been strengthened and I have come to know God as a Good Father! Walking through inner healing has been nothing short of amazing and I am grateful that the Lord has touched me emotionally, spiritually and mentally!

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Tyler Graeff Training Coordinator at
Teen Challenge Southeast Division

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