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Amen Clinics Brain Health Coach

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As a Brain Health Coach with Amen Clinics, our goal is to optimize brain function. Dr. Daniel Amen states the brain is the organ of the personality. If our brains don't work right, we don't work right. The individual takes a brain systems assessment to become aware of the possible areas the brain systems need to be optimized.

Prefrontal Cortex.jpg

For Example:

  The Prefrontal Cortex

    3 Important Functions and Problems:


      Functions:                                Problems:   

                                     attention span                                       inattention

                                       judgement                                        poor judgement

                                        empathy                                           lack of empathy

        Knowing the right diet, supplements, exercises and therapies, can improve

        overall brain function. Helping you look good and feel great.

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